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Anonymous said: Hey! I'm 17 and i started to touch myself with your stories. Is it weird that knowing that i'm a virgin i feel so freaking horny all the time? Like, i'm so freaking sexually frustrated and i don't know what to do... any advice?

It’s not weird! People are just horny! I touch myself 2-4 times a day, having sex doesn’t help, you just crave more

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Anonymous said: What are some good ways for a girl to masturbate? I've inserted things and I've done the shower head thing, but not enough satisfaction! What can I do to intensify it?

Personally, I get myself really worked up. Teasing the shit out of myself. I put a vibrating dildo on the highest setting, and put it in me. I “hump” it. Then I take a vibrator and place it on my clit, while I’m doing it all. I have the best orgasm every time. I literally can’t even walk for a lot of minutes.