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Anonymous said: Hey! I'm 17 and i started to touch myself with your stories. Is it weird that knowing that i'm a virgin i feel so freaking horny all the time? Like, i'm so freaking sexually frustrated and i don't know what to do... any advice?

It’s not weird! People are just horny! I touch myself 2-4 times a day, having sex doesn’t help, you just crave more

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Anonymous said: What are some good ways for a girl to masturbate? I've inserted things and I've done the shower head thing, but not enough satisfaction! What can I do to intensify it?

Personally, I get myself really worked up. Teasing the shit out of myself. I put a vibrating dildo on the highest setting, and put it in me. I “hump” it. Then I take a vibrator and place it on my clit, while I’m doing it all. I have the best orgasm every time. I literally can’t even walk for a lot of minutes.

I love sex, this site has some amazing blogs and pictures which I love to read and look at while stroking my cock till it stats throbbing, when my cock starts to throb and I know it’s not long till I shoot my load I mind and imagination often start to revolve around my partners niece ( in her 20’s )
I read a blog by busty sister a lot and its such a turn on reading her posts stories and pictur I thought I’d give it a go. So this is my first attempt at a story that comes into my mind some times while I’m stroking my cock, yes that is my cock in the picture.
From here I will call my niece Jennifer.

" Jennifer is staying coming over to visit " my partner shouts for upstairs
” no worries ” I reply already wandering if my partner has any idea that her niece is such a turn on
” where she gonna sleep tonight and how long she staying ” I shout back
” we’ll I’m working the night tonight remember so it thought she could have our bed and you can sleep on the couch ? “
” yeah of course no worries, does she know you’re working tonight ? “
” I told her when I spoke to her last week I was on nights this week so she knew when she asked, it’s not a problem is it, I know you like the house to your self now and again but you’re not going to ignore her are you ? I want you to be nice to her and ask if there any thing she wants to do, you know she’s had a shitty time recently “
My mind started to wonder at that point, thinking that if my niece knew her aunt would be at work and it would be only me at home did she wait for that on purpose did she think about my cock as much as I thought about her body, don’t be stupid I thought why would she ?
Problem was at that point there was a knock on the door,
” get the door will you, I’ll be down in a minute “
” uh Yeah ok “
I had to re arrange my cock as while I was sat there wandering about the reasons Jennifer was staying I had been thinking about doing all sorts with her body and I’d gotten a distinctive bulge in my jeans.
I answered the door to see my niece stood in the door way looking bloody amazing,
” hi, come in how was your journey ? ” I said, I don’t think I’d done quite enough to hide my bulge as I could see her eyes drift down to my jeans, I’m sure she had a smile on her face as she looked back up, she didn’t attempt to hide the fact she had seen my cock bulging attempting to get out
” hi, yeah my journey was good ” she walked in as she past me I could feel her brush past me and her trailing hand just happened to stroke against my jeans right where the tip of my cock was. She didn’t say a word or look at me again’ she just carried on it to the living room and sat down.
My mind was racing now, fuck me I’m sure she did that on purpose, I could feel blood pumping into my cock making it harder, at that point my partner came down„ had a quick chat with Jennifer, which gave me a chance to nip upstairs and let my cock out of his prison to breath before I put him back in hiding it a little better.
As I went down stairs my partner was waiting for her lift to work.
I dropped her off terminates later,
” remember be nice ” my partner said as she got out of the car
” I will don’t worry, have a good shift. “
With that I drove home, I took the long way back hoping I could calm down a little, I mean I must have imagined her brushing her hand by my cock and the way she looked at my bulge.
When I got home she was sat relaxed watching the tv, so I popped my head round the door and made sure she had what she needed before heading up stairs for a cold shower.
Whilst I was in the shower she shouted up to me
” where shall I put my things ? “
” your in our room, it’s the one next to the bathroom ” I shouted back
I heard her walk up stairs and go into the bed room.
I finished my shower, as it turned the shower off I heard her whimpering through the wall, I almost slapped my self, she’s crying I I thought„ she’s had a bad time recently how could I think any thing like I was about her when she she obviously here for a break, I wrapped a towel round my self to go into the spare room to get some clean clothes, as I walked into the corridor I noticed the door to her room wasn’t shut properly, I looked through to make sure she was ok, ok weren’t the words, she was lying on the beds he had put a pair of my boxer shorts on, my white ck shorts that were way to tight for me but showed my cock to its best when I was feeling lucky, but on my niece laying on my bed they looked a million times better, she had nothing else on, her tits were rising and falling with her heavy breathing and whimpering, while her hand was inside the shorts stroking het pussy, I could see a dampness to the shorts that could only come from her juicy pussy, my cock started to harden, pushing against the towel, her eyes opened she must hav sensed me there or realise the shower had stopped, she looked right at me through the gap, I started to turn away thinking about saying sorry when I noticed she hadn’t stopped playing with her pussy, in fact her hand was going faster and faster, her eyes never left mine once while she lay there playing with her pussy, the wet patch on my shorts getting bigger and bigger, her tits started to move up and down faster and faster until she came right there on the bed in front of me, she arched her back playing furiously with her pussy’ until she pulled her hand out and licked every one of her fingers, I could see her juices on her lips, my cock was bursting out of my towel I knew I had to get into the other room so I could wank until I exploded after I’d just seen that, I started to walk away when the door opened.
” where do you think you’re going ” she asked
I turned around, she was stood there in nothing but my shorts, the wetness standing out making the cling to her pussy, showing the outline of her lips.
” erhhh, I’m just going to go in there for a minute I stammered “
” no your not, I’ve just given you a show, it’s only fair you come in here with me and show me that cock that’s bursting to get out and then you can show me what you think of my body, and I mean every inch of it. “
With that she reached forward grabbed my towel and pulled it off, my cock jutted out, she put her hand round it and squeezed, per cum started to cum out my tip,
” is that for me ? ” she asked, she didn’t wait for an answer she went down right there on the landing and licked my tip, stroked my balls and gently squeezed them, then with out warning slid my cock slowly all the way down her throat, I wasn’t going to last long like this, and right then I could feel my cock start to throb, Jennifer could as well, she didn’t speed up but sucked harder making each down stroke into her throat that much stronger and longer, I erupted straight down her throat, she stood up looked me in the eyes
” now that’s sorted and you’ve calmed down a bit, now we can go in the bedroom and you can explore my body, she slipped out of my shorts and whispered in my ear
” I want your hands and tongue all over my body ”
With that she turned around holding my hand and led me into the bedroom.
She turned me around and pushed onto the bed, straddled my body with her pussy inches away from my mouth, I thought about grabbing her hips and pulling her the last few inches onto my waiting mouth so I could explore her juicy shining clit with my tongue but instead I flipped her onto the bed so I was on top,
” what is it you want from me ? ” I asked
” I told you I want you to explore my whole body with your tongue and fingers “
” ok, but when I have sex, I like to take control and know what limits there are so I can do what ever I want to make you come, so tell me if there is any thing you don’t want me to do now so we can relax and enjoy this “
With that she pulled me close and whispered
” limits ? There are no limits, I want you to do what ever you want to my body, you can do anything you want, if I don’t like it I will tell you, but until then make me wet, and if you’re good enough and be a good boy I might let you slide that huge dick into my tight virgin arse hole, it’s never been fucked before so it’s really tight„ it’s up to you to show me you’re worthy to take my tight arse hole and fuck it, now shut up and have me. “
With that I reached over into my bedside draw and pulled out two ties,
” what are they for then ? “
I didn’t answer I tied each wrist to the corners of the bed, took out a scarf and tied it around her eyes.
” I’m going to make you so wet, going to touch, tickle, lick and explore every part of you and you’re not going to see what’s happening or going to happen next, if you say one more word I will something in your mouth so you can’t talk. ” I whispered into her ear.
She laid there on the bed waiting and as if say get on with it then she opened her legs and showed me her wet juicy dripping waxed pussy.
I started at her neck kissing down each side, then nipping at the soft flesh with my teeth, I could hear her breathing rising and falling with a soft more very now and then, I worked my way down to her nipples, stroking her tits the squeezing them between my fingers, I slipped my tongue around her nipples until I could feel it going hard against my tongue, squeezed harder flicking each nipple with the tip of my tongue, I slid my hand down her stomach until it reached her pussy, she opened her legs to let my hand carry on traveling down, cupping her push in my hand I could feel the heat coming from her pussy could feel how wet she really was, I gently slid my hand back up trailing a finger to brush against her exposed clit, her breath caught, I gently and slowly started to run joy finger back and forth on her clit while flicking her nipple with my tongue, I could feel her chest start to rise and fall, I stopped tickling her pussy, ran my fingers over my tongue so I could get a taste of her juice. She relaxed back while I started to guide my hands over her beautiful body, waiting until she had relaxed enough to carry on, I slid down the bed so I was sat between her legs. I started to run hand around her pussy, taking in the site of her amazing bald pussy, she was getting impatient she started to rise her hips in time with my hand movement trying to get my fingers back onto her clit, I stopped,
If you do that again I will un tie you, put you over my knee and smack your bottom ” I said
With that she pushed her hips into the air as if daring me to follow through,
I untied her from the bed, tied her wrists behind her back stood her next to me and put her over my lap, her arse looked fucking amazing, perfect size and shape, she turned her head so it was lay on the bed,
” I’ve been a naughty girl, spank me uncle “
With that I raised my hand a gave her a gentle spanking, each one met by her push her arse into my hand,
” I’ve been naughty, not good don’t tickle me, I want your hand prints to stand out “
I spanked her, a red mark was there,
“Again, again spank me “
So I gave her I good spanking, picked her up and bent her over the bed, pushed her knees under her so her arse and pussy were on full display, I got behind her
” I said if you spoke I’d put something in your mouth, well I’ve changed my mind “
I slid my cock all the way into her pussy, she moaned and gasped as It pushed its way into her tight wet pussy, with each thrust I spanked her arse until I was ready to shoot then I stopped, got down on my knees and kissed her red back side, she must have liked it because she pushed her arse into each kiss.
” don’t you like my tight arse hole ?”
“We’ll it’s inn your face and you haven’t touched it or licked it “
With that I started to run my down her arse cheeks each time missing her tight brown hole, each time she pushed against my tongue, I started to lick around the edges her of arse hole then let my tongue explore, pushing it inside her arse, my hand Lund her clit while the other started to explore her pussy, my fingers found her clit and the gentle mound inside her pussy at the same time, while my tongue was probing her hole, my fingers tickled and rubbed, she pushed back against every movement, I could tell she was getting close, her pussy was starting to get wetter and wetter juice was sliding down my fingers, her movements getting quicker and quicker, I stopped pulled over onto her back, leaving her hands tied behind her back.
” have you ever ejaculated before ” I asked
” no “
” ok relax “
Without another word I went back between her legs, spreading them wide, pushing them back and up, I un tied her hands put them around the back of her knees and retired them, her pussy and arse were fully exposed, dripping juices running down from her pussy onto her arse, she lay there waiting for me, I moved my face down to her pussy, started to lick every bit of her juices not wanting to waste a drop, my fingers slid into her wet pussy, found the gentle mound and started to rub gently, while my tongue licked and flicked her throbbing clit, I carried on stopping every time I could feel her stop to throb, then started to tickle her arse hole with tip of my spare finger,m gently pushing until it started to slide into her arse, she said tight but bloody hell my finger pushed and probed while I licked her clit and fingered her pussy, she started to breath heavily rising and falling with each breath,
” I feel like I need to pee “
” you don’t just relax your going to come, you’re going to come all over my face, relax and enjoy “
With that she started too really move with me, my finger was sliding in and out of her arse now, I slid another finger in, she pushed her arse against my fingers,
” I want them deeper, push them in,”
I started to really lick her pussy now, my fingers rubbing furiously in side her pussy, juice started to flow down my fingers onto her arse hole, my fingers plunged deeper and easier into her arse, juice started to flow, she started to scream, bucking and riding every movement I made, juicing started to gush all over me, I couldn’t lick fast enough to taste every dropped, her chest rising and falling, each shout getting louder, I moved up,her body, removed her blind fold,
” now I’m going to fuck you “
I moved into position, put my cock which was bigger Thais ever seen him, next other wet juicy arse hole and started to push, she pushed with me, juices still flowing, she started to moan again.
” untie me now “
I did, she wrapped her legs around me and pulled my cock deeper into her arse,
” god that hurts “
” shall I stop ? “
” don’t you dare I want you to fuck my arse, it’s all in now so just fuck me hard “
I pushed hard, her face looked shocked
” now it’s all in ” I said and started to slowly pull my cock out, just before it was out I pushed back in, I started to fuck her tight virgin arse, she put a hand back and pushed against the head board, th either hand went to her pussy,
” god I’m wet ” she said as she started to rub furiously at her clit again, I fucked her arse while I couldn’t take my eyes off her tits bouncing up and down with every push,
” I need to come again, I want that cock to bang my arse as fast and hard as it can and I want you to watch while I tickle my pussy. “
I fucked her arse, my cock was throbbing, I couldn’t wait to explode inside her tight brown hole, I couldn’t wait to feel her come rush down over my cock,
” stop ” she said ” I’m going to come but I think I’m going to pee as well “
I didn’t care If any thing I fucked her harder and deeper, she started to scream I exploded into her arse, I felt her come all over my cock, then she started to piss all over my cock, it made me carry on fucking her, my cock pounding into her arse as she shouted and screamed, both covered in our come and her pee, she lay there beneath me, covered in sweat,
” oh my god I can’t believe I wet myself while you were pounding my arse, I’ve never done that, “
” don’t worry about it, it felt fucking amazing, you more than wet me you soaked me with your come as well “
” we’ll if it was that good wait till next time I’m taking control ! “
And with that she took me into the bathroom for a shower.

If any one reads this I hope it’s ok, it’s my first attempt and I enjoyed writing it I had three wanks while writing it.